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The findings the approach explored in WP3 of the project was generalized to a contribution to the monograph

Occupational Health and Safety: A Multi-Regional Perspective

recently published by Intech Open.

The chapter provides an overview of several control banding tools for risk assessment of ENM. Their application to semiconductor production processes has been presented as a preliminary use case in view of the information collected in the NanoStreeM project. Identified gaps in the state of the art demonstrate the main advantages and limitations of the different control banding tools. Substantial knowledge gaps can be identified for even widely used by the industry ENM, such as CeO2 and Al2O3 nanoparticles. The situation is even worse for materials with promising nanoelectronic applications, such as CNTs and graphenes. Furthermore, it was found that the ISO Technical Standard ISO/TS 12901-2:2014 needs further clarification in order to improve its usability. NanoStreeeM generalized tiered risk assessment approach allows for the use of different, possibly even sector-specific tools, in combination with emission or exposure measurement field studies.


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