Deliverable Reports


  1. WP1 Task 1.1. Deliverable 1.1: “A list of nanomaterials currently used in the semiconductor sector to be considered within NanoStreeM”:  Nanostreem WP1 Task 1 1 deliverable_v21
  2. WP1 Task 1.2. Deliverable 1.2: “For nanomaterials listed in D1.1, a list of associated tasks, activities and operations where exposure might occur”:   Nanostreem WP1 Task 1 2 deliverable_v3
  3. WP1 Task 1.3. Deliverable 1.3: “A set of typical relevant exposure scenarios for NP’s in semiconductor industry”: Nanostreem WP1_Task_1_3_deliverable_13_1012017_public
  4. WP1 Task 1.4. Deliverable 1.5: “A list of nanomaterials that are of strategic importance for the semiconductor sector in the future”:  Nanostreem WP1 Task 1 4 deliverable report_v2
  5. WP1 Task 1.4. Deliverable 1.5B: “A list of nanomaterials that are of strategic importance for the semiconductor sector in the future (update)”: Nanostreem WP1 Task 1 4 deliverable report D15 update


  1. WP2 Task 2.1. Deliverable 2.1: 20160920_Nanostreem_WP2_D21_airsamplingequipment_public
  2. WP2 Task 2.2. Deliverable 2.2: 20160923_Nanostreem_WP2_D22_standards_public
  3. WP2 Task 2.3. Deliverable 2.3: 28092016_Nanostreem_WP2_D23_Limit_values_public
  4. WP2 Task 2.4. Deliverable 2.4: Nanostreem_WP2_Task24_D2_4_public


  1. WP3 Task 3.1: Deliverable 3.1: Nanostreem_Task32_D_31A_v3_02062017
  2. WP3 Task 3.2: Deliverable 3.2: Nanostreem_Task33_D_32_v917122018
  3. WP3 Task 3.3: Deliverable 3.3: NanoStreeM_WP3_Task33_Deliverable_D33_12122018


  1. WP4 Task 4.1: Nanostreem_WP4_D4_1_public
  2. WP4 Task 4.2: Nanostreem_Task42_Deliverable_42_public


  1. Workshop Report  “Nanomaterial Risk Assessments and
    communication of their findings”
  2. Workshop Report “Governance of Emerging Nano-Risk in the Semiconductor Industry”
  3. Workshop Report “Novel materials and nano-risk in the semiconductor industry


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Prospects and issues of nanomaterials use in microelectronics, Materials Research Society Spring Meeting 2016, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Oral Presentations

  1. NanoStreeM: Nanomaterials and Strategies for Safety Assessment in Advanced Integrated Circuits Manufacturing SESHA 2016, 2016
  2. NanoStreeM: Strategies for Safety Assessment in Advanced Integrated Circuits Manufacturing,  NanoSAFE 16, Grenoble, France
  3. Banding approach for engineered nanomaterial risk assessment and control, NanoSAFE 16, Grenoble, France
  4. NanoStreeM to asses exposure and risks of nanomaterials in nano-electronics manufacturing, NMSA conference, Malaga, Spain, 2017
  5. NanoStreeM: Strategies for Safety Assessment for Nanomaterials, SRA conference, Venice, Italy, 2017

Data Sets

  1. WP1 Task 1.3 dataset: Nanostreem Task 1 3 exposure scenarios v2.3 – public
  2. WP1 Task 1.4 dataset: NanoStreeM_D1_5_update_Future_NM_table_181213
  3. WP3 Task 3.1 dataset: WP3_Task31_Inventory_safety_evaluation_methods_v21

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